Downloads and Servers

Here are some sources for client downloads. In some cases, we also give sources for servers provided by volunteers in the public interest. Not all of these links will work in every country. You may have to use a temporary method first to reach the download you really want.

1. Lantern 蓝灯

Official site

Github mirror

2. Psiphon 赛风

Official site English

Official site 中文


3. Telegram

Desktop Github mirror

Android Github mirror

4. Tor Browser 洋葱浏览器

Official site desktop downloads in 16 languages

Official site Android downloads

Official site 中文

Github mirror

Internet Archive mirror

Google Drive mirror

Tor Browser Alpha test downloads

Tor Bridges on Telegram

5. Trojan



6. Ultrasurf 无界浏览

Official site

7. V2Ray

V2Ray core

V2RayN for Windows

V2RayNG for Android

V2RayU for macOS


Clash for Windows

Clash for Android

V2Ray server list on Telegram

V2Ray server list on Telegram

V2Ray server list on Telegram